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Doyle Bramhall II

Doyle Bramhall II is one of the most distinctive vocalists, guitarists, composers and producers in contemporary music. Indeed, none other than Eric Clapton, with whom Bramhall has worked for more than a decade, lauds him as one of the most gifted guitarists he has ever encountered. As the son of the late Texas music legend Doyle Bramhall, he was raised in a home filled with the blues and rock ’n’ roll styles indigenous to Texas. The elder Bramhall played drums and was also […]

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Matt Schofield

Born in Manchester, England, guitar player and singer Matt Schofield is lauded as the British blues guitarist of current times. Guitarist magazine said, “there isn’t a better British blues guitarist playing currently”. The Schofield story is exploding internationally, the world is sitting up and taking note. Back from another well-received US tour, Schofield is expanding his borders. The LA Times stated, “in Schofield, the UK has produced the best blues guitarist from any country in decades”. Vintage Guitar magazine said, […]

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Mike Andersen

Mike Andersen World class Soul & Blues Mike Andersen is first and foremost a singer with a strong, sensitive, empathetic voice. While young his idols were the great blues guitarists and soul singers, he has uncompromisingly grown from boyhood to be exceedingly proficient in both genres today. Mike not only celebrates these traditions, he builds on them. It is heard clearly on the latest release, « Devil Is Back », showing both his strength as a singer and guitarist, but also underlines […]

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Henrik Freischlager Trio

Henrik Freischlader est un surdoué de la six cordes ( entre autres instruments puisqu’il lui arrive, comme sur l’Album Point of View, de les jouer simplement tous en studio … ) qui fêtera son 34 ème été en notre compagnie. On s’en réjouit d’autant plus que son passage à Megève, qui marque son retour après celui, très remarqué, lors de la première édition du Festival en 2014, sera sa seule date en France ! Après avoir, passé un temps, envisagé […]